Monday, June 11, 2007

medicine woman—original version

here's the original painting without photoshop. which one do you like better?

medicine woman—psychedelic version

after my initial scan of this painting, i started fooling around with this image in photoshop, and decided i like the psychedelic version more than the orginial painting. so maybe i will go back to the original painting and really put in some color such as this! it's really fun to play with images in photoshop. lots of amazing variations are possible!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

cauliflower woman

spent a week intensively getting caught up on my garden—planting american corn, lebanese squash, german green tomatoes, middle eastern and armenian cucumbers, jalapeƱo peppers, italian basil, and my delay in painting and posting! the garden has produced abundant strawberries this year—a result of little rain, which minimized the usual slug damage. this year, for the first time, the strawberries and rhubarb were ready at the same time to make a fabulous pie—the best ever according to my sweetie, with a secret ingredient of orange flower water and lemon zest! Yum! (thanks to global warming?)

and perfectly in keeping with my activities of planting food, today's painting is an offshoot of people with things at the top of the head series, people with food at the top of their heads! self-explanatory...obsessed with food; food on the mind; love to cook and eat; a silly concept? you decide.