Saturday, January 22, 2011

black and white collage in art media's 10 x 10 show available now!

a bit late for the exhibition but not too late to buy the piece! the show was up in december and i've wanted to share the image with you since you can see, i'm a bit behind! but delighted to get this posted on this sunny day in portland.

one of my collages exhibited in the art media 10 x 10 show where all artwork is 10 x 10 inches and sells for $100 or less. art media is a locally owned, dream art stores where i've been buying supplies ever since i moved to portland in 1977, started by art students who understood artists' needs and still own the store.

this year i discovered my cousins in LA are suppliers to art media that you can buy directly from online...greg daniels is the son of my cousin, sandy daniels! here's the link for cousin greg daniels and family art supplies! check them out!

my untitled collage (email me if you have an idea for a title! or post it in comments below...) even though it's a way low price for one of my original artworks, didn't sell. the original framed piece is available for $ let me know if you're interested! i will donate the funds to one of my favorite non-profit organizations working for peace and justice in the world!

it is 10 x 10" in a black matt, the medium is straight collage (no painting) on board, framed size is 11 x 11 inches; shipping will cost $15.

here's to the first buyer! good luck!

watch for lots more great news coming soon; i'm behind on posting!

happy new year to all!

peace, love, blessings, light, and much creativity!