Friday, November 30, 2012

Intro to SoulCollage® Workshop December 7 & 8! with Linda Dalal Sawaya

Intro to SoulCollage® Workshop
An Intuitive Collage Process
taught by artist Linda Dalal Sawaya
December 7 and 8 in her outer NW Portland art studio

SoulCollage® is a simple but deep process of using collage to tap into your heart and soul. The workshop begins with a Friday night intro from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, followed by all day Saturday from 11 to 4 pm to make cards, read, and write about them. It's a fun and revealing process! 

The card shown here is one of three OPRAH cards made to honor a woman who is a part of my COMMUNITY, someone whom i have learned from and respect. In SoulCollage® there are four suits: Committee, Community, Companion, and Council, which encompass all aspects of our lives.

No experience is necessary for this workshop. Anyone can do it, and it is an insightful and affirming process. Please email Linda with questions or if you'd like to register. Workshop fee is $85, which includes all materials. Treat yourself to a creative gift for yourself this holiday season, and join the workshop! Teens and adults are welcome. Bring a friend, and receive a discount for two!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

children's picture book writing challenge—i'm in!

PiBoIdMo, a children's book writer and illustrator response to NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month begins this month, and i've signed up to take the challenge! the acronym stands for Picture Book Idea Month: create 30 new picture book ideas in 30 days. oh boy! let the creative juices flow!

i'm back in the groove on my art and illustration work, and delighted to return to my children's book manuscripts in progress, and new ones about to be created. last month i participated in a 30 day picture book dummy challenge initiated by portland illustrator lee white via Portland Kidlit facebook group, which initiated finding one of my manuscripts written long ago that i intend to illustrate. the dummy is in progress! hooray! i didn't meet the deadline because i had a number of big deadlines and projects in october, but it's on my drawing table and the challenge sure jump-started me.

keep a watch here for updates on my progress.

two well-loved children's books i illustrated are long out of print, so i'm ready to dive in.

the first one i did, How to Get Famous in Brooklyn, is close to my heart with the recent superstorm sandy. i hope my friends and precious places in brooklyn have survived. harold underdown, friend and children's book editor and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books and major contributor to educating on the children's book publishing process, has been posting his news; he and family are hanging in there! not sure that roller coaster at coney island pictured on top left of my cover made it. here's an article with photos talking about the future of coney island.

photograph © Timothy Murray 2012 from Huffington Post article

The Little Ant, the second book i illustrated, a Mexican folk tale, is also close to my heart, and would have sold thousands more copies if it had stayed in print!

acrylic paint and collage workshop participants create cool new work in one day!!

vicki lind, artist and creative marketing coach, attended her fourth workshop in my studio last saturday and created two powerful paintings with collage in her unique style.

christine, a fellow soulcollage® facilitator did this provocative piece with celtic themes and began another which i hope to post here when completed.
unfinished work did't get photographed, but everyone had a positive and rewarding experience.

if you'd like to be contacted for my next workshop, please email me.