Monday, May 14, 2007

daily art blog

for years i have been thinking of doing a painting a day, inspired by a woman named lorraine, who did a beautiful painting and shared with me her idea of doing a painting a day. she used a prompt list—one word for each day of the month's painting—as writers sometimes use to generate a written story.

so here i go, with or without a prompt list.

since high school i loved drawing faces—doodles really—and now as a painter many years later, i love creating faces. a number of years ago i began a series beginning with a visual prompt—a magazine cutout that i collaged onto my painting paper. i place these organic simple starting points at the top of the head and create a face from there, incorporating the element into the hair or head of the person i've created. it is fun and fast.

first i'm posting one of the original series that i love called fireworks woman. tomorrow i'll post a new one i which i just painted on saturday as a demonstration piece in a collage and acrylic painting workshop i taught in my studio. i love the colors and the feeling she has. so far, she isn't titled.

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