Thursday, June 16, 2011

palestinian tree of life painting

my latest painting is a commissioned piece for an international organization working for peace in palestine/israel. it is a tree of life. the birth of this illustration occurred in perfect synchronicity. a couple of months ago i came across a tree of life painting and the concept resonated. i had not painted a tree of life and it was time. one week later, a phone call came to me commissioning a tree of life painting! goose bumps and joy!

the olive tree symbolic of the struggle for peace in palestine, as well as the source of the fruit that brings sustenance, health, and vitality, was a natural choice while the olive branch has been used as a symbol of peace since ancient times.

in researching the painting, i delighted in learning about the beautiful palestine sunbird a species particular to this region of the world, in addition to the gazelle, turtle, white stork, and other species.

it has been a delight and a blessing to make this painting for a wonderful cause.

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