Friday, August 19, 2011

a food photograph to post on my art blog or on my lebanese cookbook blog?

if you look at the sidebar on the right, you'll notice that i have two blogs, my alice's kitchen: traditional lebanese cooking blog, and this art blog. i have just added both blogs to "networked blogs", so i invite you to join and follow on that as well. interestingly, i have twice as many followers on my cookbook blog. conclusion: more people love to eat lebanese food than to look at art! 

recently i made a salad from my garden for a potluck, and it was so beautiful, but since it's not lebanese, i've decided to post it here on my art blog.

food is art. and photography was one of my first art forms. that's why i love having the alice's kitchen cookbook blog: it combines my love of photography with my love of food and cooking. and my mother, alice, was a great teacher of artful presentation of food and beyond. 

in case you're wondering, the white and red flowers are scarlet runner bean blossoms, which i just tasted for the first time—and you guessed it, they taste yummy...just like beans! the periwinkle blue star-shaped blossoms are borage flowers, tasting slightly like cucumber and adding beautiful color; and the orange petals are from calendulas blooming wildly all over the garden, another edible flower! the purple snippets are purple bush beans right from the garden. everything but the gorgonzola cheese. the cool thing about portland's cool summer, is the salad greens just keep coming!

i'm praying for some heat so the figs finally ripen...they're a month late! you can see a beautiful platter of a bumper crop of figs from my garden on the cookbook blog. 

enjoy and happy summer!

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