Friday, December 16, 2011

art news and holiday greetings from linda dalal sawaya

i'm delighted to have sent my freshly designed art news email yesterday with colorfully good information  including my teaching art classes starting in january after a two year sabbatical! instead of in my studio, they will be taught at Village Gallery of Arts in the cedar mill area of portland.

Monday Night Collage class returns! this popular class i've taught over the years culminating a few years ago in a student exhibition at Washington State University, Vancouver campus, is great fun and starts up again in mid-January. sign up through their website; no experience necessary, and all materials provided.

this collage is by a wonderful artist nicknamed Kosmic Karen—her first collage of many exquisite ones done in my classes.

two workshops: collage and acrylic paint, and soulcollage® coming up in the new year in the same location have me very excited to get back to teaching as they are both great fun!  

my Tree of Life painting was mailed in poster size to a few thousand people by Friends of Sabeel North America for their Christmas fundraising appeal with a letter from Archbishop Desmond Tutu—an honor and a blessing to be sure! FOSNA does significant work working for peace in Palestine and Israel, which i support wholeheartedly, and encourage you to support as well.

one last item included is a special holiday offer for copies of my book, alice's kitchen: traditional lebanese cooking! email me to get your gift copies now!

wishing you all many blessings, happy holidays, and peace to all!

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