Tuesday, January 14, 2014

oil painting: pomegranate from life! by linda dalal sawaya

practice, practice, practice! i am happy that i signed up for 30 paintings in 30 days, as it is forcing me to paint every day. i am working in oils, which i have some experience with but no where near enough to be proficient. so even though this is day 14 and i have done almost that many paintings, this is one i feel happy enough about to post here on my blog.

two issues: i normally work from memory and imagination, and in acrylic or water based media. the "juice-iness" of oils is very appealing, and yet very difficult to work with. i painted this from observation over yesterday's painting of a lotus flower that was not too fabulous...and the oil paint was still wet.

i love pomegranates; this one came from my kitchen—a great subject for a still life, quickie painting: did it in about an hour, as it is a small canvas, about 5 x 5 inches square. maybe this one is a keeper? if i eat the pomegranate tonight, i still have two more in my kitchen to use for upcoming practice paintings. what fun!

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